A Good Plan Can Save a Life - An Egress Map Can Show the Way
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Not Inspected by local Fire or Building Inspector ? -
It doesn't matter if your local inspector chooses to inspect one code or another. You are required by your insurance policy to comply with all codes, etc.

So you choose not to comply:
Do you want to risk not getting paid when you have an insurance claim? Do you want to risk the litigation if there is an injury / death?

Many towns / municipalities pick and choose which codes to enforce based on manpower and / or if a fine can be issued for non-compliance.

The lack of local enforcement does not absolve ones responsibility to comply with this or any other State / Federal Fire Safety Code.

Are You Prepared:
Fire - Severe Weather - Hostile Individual - Chemical
or Medical Emergency?

Business Owner?
Does your Business comply with
NFPA 101 Life Safety Code standards?

Do you currently comply with OSHA 1910.38
All workplaces must have both
an Emergency Action Plan and a Fire Prevention Plan.

What we do:

We create your Emergency Action Plan / Fire Prevention Plans. We document Existing Building Resources, document Personnel Responsibilities / Emergency Contacts, document Fire Suppression & Alarm Systems controls and testing, document your Fire Drill Procedure, etc.

You Are Here Maps - Also known as Wayfinder maps or Egress maps. We create floor diagrams reflecting the ACTUAL floor arrangement, room identification, exit locations, hazardous weather safe zones, fire extinguisher locations, and fire pull station locations.*

A Good Plan Can Save a Life:
Severe Weather
Hostile Individual
Chemical or Medical Emergency?

Visual International Symbols
cross the language barrier:

Color Code Exit Paths, First Aid, AED's, Etc.
Color Code Exit Locations
Color Code Alarm Stations
Color Code Fire Extinguishers

We will include Fire Safety Instructions, Safe Evacuation Location Instructions, Emergency Contact phone numbers, etc.** on each page. We will create multi page PDF files, email them to you or post them on our website for your use / printing. Or we can color print / laminate your print outs for you.

Your local contact:

New England - 508 596 1495

Mid West - 708 297 7700

Or email:

*Using your provided AutoCAD or similar drawings. AutoCAD drawings can be created illustrating existing conditions for an extra fee.
**Per your provided information. Check your local code requirements.
This Isn't Rocket Science:
It's actually good business. As an airplane pilot, a sailer, as well as a business owner, I know people do get hurt, even die, because of poor planning. A good plan is the best way to prevent / prepare for emergencies. Can you say you have done all you can?
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